The Fight Is ON! Horner Promises Pizza Party For Driver Who Gets The Most Wins!

Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly as are in full competition mode after Christian Horner guaranteed one of the two young drivers a pizza party at the end of the season!

Monday morning while taking the two lads back2school shopping at Target in Melbourne, Red Bull Racing team principle Christian Horner told the two boys that whomever took home the most wins in the 2019 F1 season would be treated to a pizza party where they could invite anyone they wanted.

Verstappen, having just celebrated his 11th birthday, was doubly excited when Horner confirmed that he could pick whatever toppings he wanted, and that they wouldn’t have to invite Lance Stroll if they didn’t want to.  Gasly, the older of the two at 13 years of age, played it cool, keeping his Trapper Keeper close to his vest.  When  Horner asked the Frenchboy how he planned to secure the pizza party prize Gasly responded that he didn’t even like pizza that much, anyway.

The two boys then shoved their way to the front of the self-checkout line to see who could scan all of their school supplies fastest.  Max Verstappen finished ahead by eight-tenths.