Red Bull Racing Reveals First F1 Livery Designed Entirely By Paintball Enthusiasts

Red Bull have revealed their 2018 Formula One contender, the RB14, including a new testing livery designed by a team of 15 year-old paintball enthusiasts.

“We wanted it to look dope, but also be practical,” said 15 year-old Garrett. “The digital camo allows it to blend in, while the electric blue allows it to stand out,” added Ted, 15.

“The other drivers will be, like, ‘whoa, where the heck did that even come from?’ Then brap-pap-pap-pap! Paint everywhere!” said Dennis, 15, not fully understanding how winter testing works.

“It’s only testing, but we’re going to kick so much ass. I can’t wait to see the stupid looks on their stupid faces when we pop out of the bushes and they’re, like, ‘what the fuck?’ It’s gonna be sick,” added Max Verstappen, 15.

Unfortunately, this new livery is only temporary and will be replaced with permanent design at the beginning of the season. We’re told a team of twelve middle aged hentai artists are hard at work on the final look.