OPINION: Bring Back Grid Girls Because Brief Glimpses Of Fully Clothed Women Holding Numbers Is The Only Thing That Gets Me Hard Anymore

Submitted by Tony Gunderson Jr. 

When I flip on the tube to watch some racing, it’s not just about the racing; it’s about the entire spectacle.  Cars, people, fans, exotic locals.  It’s about the drama, and the excess, and the sexiness… but now part of that is disappearing forever with the removal of the Grid Girls.

People will try to justify the decision by saying that we need to stop objectifying women and make the sport more welcoming to everyone, but this isn’t about objectification, it’s about respect for the traditions of Formula 1.

And the fact that I need to see fully clothed women holding numbers to get my dick hard.  

Grid Girls choose to be part of the race weekend, where they get VIP treatment and an up-close view of the F1 grid that most of us could only dream about.  Why should we deny them this amazing experience while caving to the unrealistic demands of PC culture?

And tall, silent women, dressed in sexy-ish versions of local garb turns my monocock to carbon fiber.  

What message does this send to the children?  That women don’t belong on the grid?  That attractive people should be ashamed of their bodies?  That women can’t make the decision for themselves if they want to go into modeling?

And I only need to see them for a few seconds to get off because I go so so long between race weekends. 

If we take away the Grid Girls then what’s next to go? Grid walks? Champagne on the podium? Trophies? The grid altogether?  It’s a slippery slope until Formula 1 is an sterile exercise  devoid of any fun.

And I burned myself out on the most awful, deviant things the internet has to offer and this is all I have left.  

So think long and hard… is an F1 without Grid Girls and F1 you want to watch?

photo by: pedrik

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