Max Verstappen And Lance Stroll Set To Go Head-To-Head To See Who Can Make Papa Most Proud

As the 2018 season looms on the horizon, one of the most anticipated battles is between Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen to see which boy can make their papa the proudest.

Stroll said that his second season has him ready for the challenge.  “I look back at past greats like Max Chilton and how proud he made his papa, and I think — well, I hope that I can do that, too.” When asked what he thinks it would take to make his papa proud, Stroll said, “A first win sure would be swell, but I think if I just try my hardest, and don’t fall behind on my schoolwork, papa would be proud.”

Stroll’s rival, Max Verstappen, sees proving himself to papa as a bit more of a challenge.  “Papa wants me to win the championship this year.  That’s what papa wants, so that’s what I want,” Verstappen said as he fed coins into a piggy bank.  “Papa is a hard nut to crack, but I think if I can be the fast boy, I just might find myself with a very proud papa.”

Attribution:Photo via Instagram

image:Photo via Instagram

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