TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Damon and Johnny Spotted Arguing Over Their Couple’s Hashtag

Tempers were running high in pit-lane today when former-drivers and current SkyF1 commentators Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert were spotted arguing over what their couples hashtag should be.

“Hashtag HillBert makes the most sense,” Damon insisted, while Herbert bemoaned that it sounded too much like the bumbling comic-strip character, Dilbert.

“I think we should go for JohnMon.  It’s fun and sounds vaguely Jamaican.  Or what about hashtag JoBert?”  Herbert was overheard suggesting.  “JoBert is all from your name!” Hill shouted back, flustered, before walking away from the argument.

While no official announcement has been made as of yet, one reader noted that Herbert was spotted testing the waters on Instagram with the poorly-thought-out, “#DamHer”.

image:Photo Souce

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