OPINION: I’m Not Racist, I Just Hate Hamilton’s Haircut And Love Ricciardo’s

Submitted by James Harlow Harrington, III

Remember the good old days?  When F1 used to be fun?

Drivers used to drink, and curse, and womanize and fight.  They did what they wanted, and wore what they wanted, and didn’t give a damn what you or I thought.   I was beginning to think that the F1 PR machine had smothered the life out of the current era of drivers, but Daniel Ricciardo has proved me wrong.

Just look that haircut!  Long and curly in the center and buzzed on the sides!? It’s fun, it’s wild, it’s silly.  It’s everything we need in F1 right now.  And how about that mustache he grew for the USGP?  Wasn’t that crazy?  Man, Danny is the kind of guy I could see myself getting a beer with.

But you know what those old drivers also had?  Class, sophistication, and James Bond elegance.  That’s why I can’t get behind Hamilton’s insistence on trying to force his Hollywood trends into Formula 1.  This isn’t the place for mohawks and perfectly imperfect stubble.  He looks like he spent more money at the salon than I make in a year.  Did you get a manicure and pedicure, too, Lewis?  Take a lesson from the past greats and leave the peacocking to the grid girls.

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