Angry Hamilton Fans Swarm Mercedes Facebook Page After Wikipedia Link Shows That Hamilton Didn’t Out-Qualify Bottas At Every Race In 2017

“Sabotage!” Is currently the most liked comment on a happy birthday post to engineer Andy Cowell on the Mercedes F1 AMG Facebook page.  The outrage spilled onto the social media platform after news broke late Sunday that Lewis Hamilton may have been occasionally out-qualified by Bottas in the 2017, according to a fairly old Wikipedia article detailing the 2017 Formula 1 season.

“U kno wat u did” wrote Ronnie Fitzpatrick of Edinburgh on the photo of Mr. Cowell, as the Mercedes F1 fan page only allows comments on existing official posts. Another commenter added a jumbled and misspelled message reading, “Hamliton is at least 2x as fast as Buttas. I smell Finish conspiracy. Not Happy Brithday!!”

“Y U H8 HAM?”, “FUK TOTO”, and “Lewis so so so fast” joined the angry chorus of Facebook users who spend too much time worrying about such things.

The modestly-paid Mercedes social media team tried to quell the outrage by assuring fans that this information had been public for months and that Hamilton still won the World Driver’s Championship for 2017, but the damage was already done. It is estimated that Daimler AG, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has lost zero sales because of the incident.

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