WHAT IF: New VR Technology Allows Alonso To Live In A World Where Vitaly Petrov Was Never Born

Fernando Alonso spent 72 hours straight inside VR after scientists were able to create a world in which Vitaly Petrov never existed.

The virtual world was created to see what would have happened had the Russian F1 driver not held up Alonso at the final race of the 2010 season, thus preventing Fernando from winning his third driver’s title.

Upon emerging from the simulation, Alonso admitted that he had a difficult time adjusting back to reality.  “It was so beautiful in there.  Everything was as it was supposed to be.”

When asked to explain what it was like to have won the 2010 World Driver’s Championship, Alonso responded, “Oh, I was still held up by Kubica and didn’t win the title.  But the world was just so much brighter….” Alonso then said he needed to sit for a moment, and come to terms with what could have been.

“The strangest part is that the Fukushima disaster never occurred in that world,” he said before beginning to nervously bite his fingernails.

image:Zach Catanzareti

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