The Unveiling of the 2018 Ferrari SF71H Formula 1 Car Has Kids Around The World Jonesing For A Drag

Ferrari has revealed their 2018 F1 title contender just days after announcing an extension of their nearly five decade long brand partnership with Philip Morris International — and impressionable fans across the globe are wheezing with excitement.

“It looks amazing,” said 8 year-old Alfonso, “like the glowing tip of a smooth cigarette!”

“It looks really really fast.  I want one,” added Georgie, 11, who then attempted to bum a smoke from a passerby.

Marco, 12, seemed most impressed of all as he tapped his yellow fingertips together, making a kissing noise.  “Just looking at it makes my heart beat real fast!  And I get kinda sweaty.  And—“  His gravelly voice was cut short by a coughing fit.  “I’m okay.  I’m fine.  I’m fine.  I just need some water and a sit.  I think it’s allergies,” Marco explained as he slumped down on the edge of a planter box and tore into a fresh pack of cigarettes.