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SPONSORSHIP ALERT: Ted Kravitz Nabs Mega Teva Contract

You’ll be seeing a lot more uncovered feet in the pitlane this season as Ted Kravitz signs a huge sponsorship contract with Teva sandals for 2018.  Already a fan of the strappy footwear, the deal seems like a no-brainer for Kravitz.  “I can’t imagine myself wearing anything else.  In fact, on occasion they’re the only thing I wear,” he added with an off-putting wink.

Part of the deal involves a new introduction for Kravitz’s popular Notebook feature, which will now open with, “Welcome to Ted’s Notebook, brought to you by the only sandal that doesn’t sorta slip off when you start jogging.” While the deal does prevent Kravitz from wearing or discussing any footwear other than Teva, he does confirm that he’s still in pursuit of a full-time cargo shorts sponsor.

Birkenstock did not return our request for comment.

image:Image Copyright Paul Williams, CC 2.0

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