WINTER TESTING – Ron Dennis Spotted In Barcelona Storm Drain Telling Lance Stroll, “Down Here You’ll Win, Too.”

A curious Lance Stroll was seen kneeling near a Barcelona storm drain ahead of winter testing, talking to ousted McLaren boss, Ron Dennis, according to sources.

Lance was reportedly chasing a runaway paper boat when he saw the former team CEO peaking out of the drain opening.  Stroll tried to walk away at first, telling Dennis, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

“Oh! Well, I’m Ron Dennis, the Formula One Legend. Ron Dennis, meet Lance.  Lance meet Ron Dennis.  Now we aren’t strangers, are we?”

Lance was then seen giggling before inquiring, “What are you doing in the sewer?”

“The McLaren shareholders blew me away.  Blew the whole team away.  Can you smell the podium, Strolly?  There’s Champagne, and grid girls, and free watches….” Dennis responded with a toothy grin.

We reached out to Lance’s team for comment, but he hasn’t been seen since the encounter.