“It’s Still Mathematically Possible For Me To Win The WDC” Whimpers Jolyon Palmer During 2AM Twitch Stream

With the beginning of winter testing, Jolyan Palmer took to his Twitch stream to offer some insights into life after Formula One.

“At the moment I’m probably the 23rd fastest driver in the world.  Unfortunately, there are only 22 cars on the grid,” Palmer said between sips of vodka and unimpressive rounds of PUBG.   He was corrected in Twitch chat when Puggy34, reminded that there were only 10 teams and 20 drivers.  “So I’m even faster than I thought,” sighed Jolyon as he waited for the next match to load.

“Why are you still wearing your race suit?” was by far the most popular question.  Jolyon responded, “I already told you, it’s part of my brand.  Follow and subscribe, please.”

One chat commenter asked Jolyon what was next for him in the racing world, and the question was met with 23 minutes of uninterrupted silence, punctuated with, “I’m not really sure.”

As the clock neared 4am, Jolyon eventually fell asleep at his desk, forgetting to both turn off his webcam and brush his teeth before bed.

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