BUILD A WALL: Mexican Seen Hopping Pit Wall And Taking American Job

Formula 1 came under fire in a Mesa, Arizona city council meeting last week after one local resident saw a replay of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Television.

Arizona native Boomer Johnson took issue with the sport when he witnessed Mexican driver Sergio Perez climb over the pit wall to find his car on the grid.  “They’re American cars! Americans should be drivin’ ’em,” Boomer shouted, unaware that the car was created in the UK, utilizing a German engine, for a team named Force India.

During the seven-minute rant, Boomer insisted that his Dodge Challenger was “faster than them pussy hybrids, anyway,” and claimed that his tax dollars paid for “them roads.” He was also heard saying that “I think Tony Stewart could drive circles around any of them immigrants,” completely misunderstanding the word ‘immigrant’.

“I also think it’s stupid that they race in Iran.  That’s un-American,” Mr. Johnson added, before trailing off with, “They didn’t even play the star-spangled…” as tears welled in his eyes.

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